Stop wishing me ‘Happy International Woman’s Day!’ Do this instead.

I would write a sweet, cute and cuddly post; after all, it’s International Women’s Day!

But, I can’t… 

The truth is, I’m angry. Frustrated. Pissed. 

As a woman, I feel like I’ve been set up to fail. 

I’m so tired of the BS women are sold from the government, religion, healthcare, family and other systems.

This is the dialogue I often hear in my head between myself and the various establishments:

Government: “Want to have kids? Sure go for it! (but we aren’t going to pay you mat leave)

Religion: “Mother is sacred in the eyes of God” (we don’t really care your sex life is over after motherhood)

Healthcare: “Periods are a curse, here, take this pill” (but we can’t do anything if you struggle with infertility, gain weight, get acne, hair in weird places or if you feel out of touch with your body)

Family: “Men and women should both work, care for children and share household responsibilities” (but it’s normal for the woman to take on 80% of household chores load, after all, women are built for that).

Am I the only one going like this:

I know I’m not alone.

We’ve been conditioned to swallow this crap along with our kids’ breakfast leftovers.

We’ve been taught to feel guilty, ashamed and sacrifice our happiness because no one cares if you’re happy as long as your kids are fed, laundry is done, bills are paid, the man content.

Well, I care.

I refuse to believe women are doomed to suffer.

I refuse to accept the reality we can’t have what we want.

I refuse to settle with the old story that you need to hustle, grind, push hard, or use force to have it all.

In divine timing, I found a resource I deeply resonate with.

This is a book I feel good about passing to my three daughters as a manual for living a happy, centred and sustained life as a woman.

It’s called Overwhelmed and Over It, by Christine Arylo.

Every word in this book gives me a visceral reaction of acceptance, hope and truth.

The heart knows to recognize the truth.

I think this book should be in the hand of every woman, wife and mother.

Especially if you’re someone struggling with work-life balance (i.e. all of us).

‘Circle’ Topic for this month

This month I’ve decided to start a revolution with my CIRCLE members.

We’re going to study this book cover to cover and realign our lives in a beautiful feminine way.

It’s time we reclaim our happiness.

We can have beautiful families, fulfilling careers, satisfying marriages, and all the other things all of us wish but struggle to achieve.

If you’re ready to drop the old story and reclaim your time, energy and happiness, Circle is a great place to start.

Plus, you’ll get the community and accountability all bundled together along with my guidance and mentorship, all for $30/month!

I’d love you to join the sisterhood of women who are taking the stand for themselves.

Join us here (it’s $30/month. Cancel anytime).

Enough with the drowning, overwhelm and burnout.

I’m over the hamster wheel. You?

This month, we’re gathering on March 25th, 2021, at 8:30 pm EST, and we’ll begin with chapter one of the book: How to Release: Do, Be, and Have It All and instead Choose What’s Right For You.

I look forward to welcoming you into the circle sisterhood!



p.s. CIRCLE is a monthly membership community of women, wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters who are done drowning and are ready to learn the tools to live a centred and sustained life. You can join us here. Starting on March 25th, we will be studying the book from cover to cover. I will be doing this alongside you. Click here to join.

p.s.s. If you’re not planning to join us inside of ‘CIRCLE,’ please do yourself a favour and get the book. Here’s a link to the book on amazon. Here’s a link to the audible version