Rave Reviews

Brook Todd
My husband is happy I did this work

I now know what to eat to feel in alignment with my body

Brook Todd
It was like finally getting the key to my power as a female
I read the books, listened to the podcasts and watched the YouTube videos about hormones, nutrition and health but it wasn’t until I worked one on one with Dorit that everything clicked. The direct support, teaching and accountability were just what I needed to put everything that I had learned together into sustainable and easily implemented action. Dorit takes you step by step through the process of learning about your own cycle, food, sleep, libido and productivity and how they are all connected. It was like finally getting the key to my power as a female when Dorit taught me how to tap into my own cycle and rediscover my feminine energy.
The work that I have done with Dorit is not only impacting my life but will impact my daughter’s as I can teach her all of these things as she grows and develops. It is truly going to change generations in our family.
I am so grateful for Dorit and the work that she does to support women as wives, mothers and daughters. This is information that all women need to know.

Felicity Blore
About Mastery Program:
“I remember when I first started working with Dorit. I was scared about how uncomfortable I was doing the seemingly simplest of things, such as walking into a supermarket. It was such an energy leak for me to NOT choose something from my emotional eating backpack, for example, chocolate or soft drinks. Dorit taught me how to recognize that what my higher self wanted and what my current body (at the time) was telling me, were two completely different things. Our bodies want to heal and Dorit’s program gave me the opportunity to see, learn and do just that.
My entire vocabulary around how I used to talk to myself has completely shifted. She has helped me understand and fully embody who I am as a woman, wife, and mother. I am way more present for my daughter, in a way that I could only dream about a couple of years ago. The way I live my life and my awareness as a whole has completely shifted thanks to Dorit and her program.”

Stephanie Renaud
About Intensive Coaching Sessions:
“I did my sessions with Dorit in the middle of an unexpectedly chaotic transition in my life. The work we did together allowed me to not only survive the transition but thrive and grow. She lead me through embodiment movement to release stuck energy, emotional inner work and unpacking some really personal and deep wounds. After we were done, I felt lighter, freer, and ready to take on my life in a whole new way. She lead me to a calm inside of me deeper than I thought possible. Bottom line? Embodiment works. You are so much more powerful and magical than you know. Dorit can lead you to the magic that’s already inside you.”

Julie Lefleur