171. My Speaker Slam Speech

Last week I finally (after two cancellations) shared my speech with the world on stage. This story is difficult for me to share but it’s my responsibility to share it.

One day, my daughters will see it and understand that I’ve done it for them.

Nothing else.

This is my legacy.

This is me passing down a baton of confidence, energy and passion instead of a baton of guilt, shame and sacrifice.

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. For now, this podcast will be launched monthly instead of weekly. With everything that is happening in the world right now, children studying from home, homeschooling, no social life, isolation, etc I’ve decided to tone the show down a bit. Don’t worry! I am still around, just not as often as usual 🙂 Life is about adapting and course correcting, and we’re all doing our best.
  2. I’ve created a women’s circle which will be run monthly. This is your chance to be a part of a women circle online to help support yourself and your family. To read more about it and join, please head on over to www.doritpalvanov.com/circle
  3. My speaker’s slam speech was amazing! So many women told me that they’ve seen themselves in my story. This isn’t easy for me to share but I am committed to being open and vulnerable with my journey because ultimately, we’re here to share our and inspire each other. Having said that, I have a disclaimer. This story isn’t meant to blame my mom, on the contrary, both her and I are the product of generational conditioning and suppression which has got to stop! I am taking a stand for my daughters and changing the narrative for my daughters. Join me in doing so too!