146. The Four Pillars of Raising Resilient Children with Jess Sherman

Today’s episode is an interview I’ve had with Jess Sherman, a colleague of mine and fellow mama of three.

Jess is a former teacher, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Family Health Expert,
specializing in nutrition for brain health & resilience for kids. For over 10 years she has
worked alongside Naturopathic and Medical Doctors, Family Counsellors &
Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, teachers and parents to bring an
understanding of the power of good nutrition, simplicity and connection into
a mainstream conversation about children’s mental health, learning, and resilience.

I wanted to have Jess on today’s episode since this month (Feb 2020) we’re talking all about our journey of parenting our kids to become healthy and resilient. Raising children in and of itself is not an easy task, and when you want to do it “right” can be anxiety-producing, gut-wrenching, worry-inducing, sleep and money depriving experience.

It is hard!

But, like Mary Poppins says, ‘every job has an element of fun, find the fun and snap, the job’s a game’.

My intention this month is to show you that raising healthy, good and resilient kids can and should be fulfilling and rewarding more than it is hard, uninspiring, grindy and exhausting.

You’ll hear Jess talk about the importance of mom’s health and listening to your gut only when it’s actually clean – clean from anxiety, fear, worry, guilt, expectations, and so on because all you’ll hear is panic. A panicked mom can barely support herself let alone helping her children and the research is clear about us being huge influencers on our kids’ mental, emotional and physical health.

So first and foremost, take good care of yourself, ask for help, allow people to support and take care of you. As, Dr. Shefali says, raising kids is so much about raising ourselves and so little about raising them. Jess mentioned this as well. Kids need very little to grow and become the best version of who they need to be – food, love, connection, shelter, outdoors, some quiet time in the present moment. Who they need to become has nothing to do with you, or what you think they should be or do. It is not your job to make your child become who you weren’t brave enough to become. Stay in your own lane and help your child to do the same.

Parenting is personal growth on steroids and so much of this relationship conflict begins with our most primal need which is our need for food.

Feeding is parenting and I want you to know the best strategies to feed your child with love and good sense. I want you to know the exact foods your child needs so he/she can truly thrive. I want you to have access to the amazing meal planning hacks to help you provide good food for your child with ease and the least resistance.

I would love for you to check out the ‘From Picky Eater to Healthy Eater Interview Sessions‘ I’ve had with more feeding experts.

How does this program work?

I’ve approached world-leading experts who specialize in feeding children and asked them questions on your behalf

I’ve done this so that you don’t have to go see a million experts and visit different practitioners who will help you to “fix your child”.

Your child is not broken and doesn’t need fixing, all you need to do is change your perspective, learn some practical tools and then implement them with your child.

This interview series is designed to find the root cause of your child’s struggle with food, and provide you with the tools necessary to help him/her. 

I’ve interviewed world-leading experts on feeding children, people who I’ve been following for years.

Among them are a nutritionist, occupational therapist, feeding expert, feeding therapist,  pediatrician, a DOR expert (from The Ellyn Satter Institute), EQ expert, life coach, a meal plan provider, and someone who specializes in teaching kids to help you cook.

My number one goal with this program is to help you create a solid database of resources, experts, books, programs and tools you can turn to, to help you feed your child with love and good sense. 

Highlights from today’s interview:

  • Jess talks about her journey from Teacher to Nutritionist
  • Jess’s definition of resiliency
  • Stress and kids
  • Three kinds of stress our kids struggle with
  • Jess’s perspective on psychoeducational analysis done at school for kids who struggle with behaviour and/or learning
  • I share an example of one of my daughters’ learning styles and our experience with the psychoeducational assessment.
  • How can we set our kids to withstand stress better
  • The brain-gut connection and how to notice signs of dysbiosis
  • Helping parents to support kids
  • Supporting kids who are kinesthetic learners
  • Retained Primitive Reflexes as a sign of brain imbalance
  • The four pillars of resilient health
  • The picky eating epidemic and how to support it
  • The importance of zinc as a nutrient for kids who struggle with focus and behaviour
  • Our kids are reflectors and are great at responding to life, we, parents, have to learn how to understand that.
  • You’ll learn more about Jess as a woman through our fun rapid-fire questions.

Show Notes

From Picky Eater to Healthy Eater Online Program

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Jess’s Book: Raising Resilience: take the stress out of feeding your family & love
your life.

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