Ep 145 – A Secret Talk I’ve Had With My ‘Picky Eater’

I’m dedicating Feb 2020 to the connection between food and parenting.

Picky eating was a HUGE problem in our household and sucked a lot of energy from me in particular, since I’m the one responsible for food.

About a month after I finished my interview series for the From Picky Eater to Healthy Eater Program I’ve sat down with my ‘picky eater’ and asked her a few questions in hopes it would get her thinking about her health and actions around food as well as to strengthen our relationship.

I’ve learned so much from this conversation! There were so many things I’ve assumed about my daughter in my own little head which created disconnection instead of connection.

I’m sharing this interview with you because I want to inspire you to have conversations like these with your child as well!

Food is a big pain point for so many parents and a big part of that is parents’ own struggle with food. Taking care of someone else is extremely difficult when you’re barely able to take care of yourself so please stop beating yourself up.

You’re not a bad parent, you’re not a bad mom for not feeding your children ‘healthy’ all the time, you’re not failing your child, you’re not crazy. Your child isn’t broken and whatever is going on with them isn’t your fault!

This interview is the last in the interview series I’ve produced called From Picky Eater to Healthy Eater which is now available for you!

Overall there are eleven conversations I’ve had with feeding experts to help myself and you transform your child from being a picky eater to a healthy eater and help you, the parent, to feed your child with love and good sense.

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