143. Mothers Are Healers

Today on the podcast I’m joined by Andrea Anderson, who is an Author, ADHD + Autism Coach, and creator of the RESTORE Method.  A method that helps to improve symptoms naturally.

Andrea has dedicated the last 10+ years to healing her sons and she now brings the gifts of her experiences to other families, helping them learn tools to support clearing their child’s symptoms and having an easier, better life!

Note: There is an F bomb in this episode, so if you have little ones around, put your headphones on!

Highlights from today’s episode:

  1. Andrea tells her story and how her sons became autistic
  2. It is so scary for moms to claim their power. Why aren’t women empowered to own their power as healers?
  3. Mothers’ intuition and why you have to trust it
  4. What about children who were born with Autism? What if they weren’t on the spectrum, to begin with?
  5. How Negative Energy Mindset perpetuates the condition of your child
  6. Three practices you can begin to cultivate and nurture your intuition and self-trust
  7. The difference between healing and curing
  8. Who is Anthony William?
  9. What is a medical medium?
  10. Examples of protocols to heal from metal toxicity

Show Notes

Andrea’s website

Medical Medium Website

Andrea’s email: Ihealedmysons@gmail.com

I Healed My Sons of Autism & You Can Too, The 7 Keys to Clearing Your Child of ADHD & Autism Naturally

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