128. Hormone Rebalance For Women with Dr. Inna Lokshin ND

“I don’t get it, Dorit.

How is it that my husband is calm, stable, relaxed, composed, reliable, and peaceful most of the time?

How is it that he’s able to switch from work-mode to home-mode so easily?

How is it that I struggle to hold my senses?

Why do I struggle to feel ‘balanced’, stable and positive?”

Simple answer?

Mama, you’ve got ovaries. He doesn’t.

Hormones play a HUGE role in your health as a woman and I’m excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Dr. Inna Lokshin ND, my guest on today’s show, who specializes in all things hormones for women.

Here’s what we’ve covered:

* What are hormones?
* What is the difference between female and male hormones?
* What are the main hormonal glands in the female body?
* Why do women’s hormones tend to be unbalanced?
* Is hormonal imbalance a women’s problem or do men have it too?
* What is the difference between feeling ‘hormonal’ (or hysterical) and having a hormonal imbalance?
* How is a hormonal imbalance manifested in women? How is it related to period problems? Skin issues
* How can you test your hormones? What is the Dutch test?
* What might happen if you don’t balance your hormones?
* Why does your doctor or nurse practitioner think you’re crazy when you tell them that you have a hormonal imbalance?
* How to get into balance hormonally?
* How long does it take to balance your hormones?
What approach do you take in the office to tackle hormonal concerns?

This episode is a MUST listen!!

We’ve covered so many important pieces that will help you understand yourself and take better care of yourself as a woman, wife and mother.

Show Notes

Inna’s Clinic in Toronto: Hormone Rebalance Centre

Inna’s Website: http://www.hormonerebalance.com/

Inna’s Instagram: @hormonerebalance

FB page: Hormone Rebalance

Online program: https://inna-lokshin.mykajabi.com/