MOTHERHOOD is energizing. 

Said no one ever!

Learn the Exact 3 Steps to Get Your Energy Back, after Getting Married and Having Kids

A free masterclass, from feminine energy expert, Dorit Palvanov, BA, RHN

In the masterclass you’ll learn: 


Exactly why you feel so tired, burnt out, lost and like a shell of a woman
(and what to do about it)


The one mindset shift that all healthy and happy women have gone through to regain their confidence, energy and passion for life.


The 3 exact steps to increase your energy instantly
(hint: it’s not more coffee or sweets)

What other moms are saying… 

Dussty, mom of 2
This work has changed my life
“Working with Dorit has changed how I think about my body, energy, time and womanhood in general. I no longer waste time on nonsense, I stopped feeling guilty for something I’ve done wrong because I now understand that none of this is my fault, I just didn’t understand how my body was designed and I didn’t know how to feed and nourish it in response. This work has changed my life and I now feel more connected to my kids, husband and myself than ever before!”
Angela, mom of 3
I finally feel confident to go to the beach with my husband and feel good in my body.
“I finally feel confident to go to the beach with my husband and feel good in my body. I have avoided booking a trip to The Dominican Republic for years because I felt shy and unsexy to be seen in a bathing suit, but now I am excited to go to The Dominican Republic and enjoy my life!”
Felicity, Mom of 1
Our bodies want to heal and Dorit’s program gave me the opportunity to see, learn and do just that.
I was scared about how uncomfortable I was doing the seemingly simplest of things, such as walking into a supermarket. It was such an energy leak for me to NOT choose something from my emotional eating backpack, for example, chocolate or soft drinks. Dorit taught me how to recognize that what my higher self wanted and what my current body (at the time) was telling me, were two completely different things. Our bodies want to heal and Dorit’s program gave me the opportunity to see, learn and do just that.
My entire vocabulary around how I used to talk to myself has completely shifted. She has helped me understand and fully embody who I am as a woman, wife, and mother. I am way more present for my daughter, in a way that I could only dream about a couple of years ago. The way I live my life and my awareness as a whole has completely shifted thanks to Dorit and her program.
Stephanie, mom of 2
I felt lighter, freer, and ready to take on my life in a whole new way.
Dorit led me through embodiment movement to release stuck energy, emotional inner work and unpacking some really personal and deep wounds. After we were done, I felt lighter, freer, and ready to take on my life in a whole new way.

This masterclass is a must-attend if…

You’re great at managing it all, and look like you have it all together, but inside you’re, exhausted, desperate, hot mess and feel under-appreciated for everything you do.

In your 20’s you had so much confidence, energy and passion and you wonder where all of that went.

You feel fat and gross and you believe that if you just looked different (skinnier, tighter ass, bigger boobs, slimmer arms, narrower hips) life would’ve been so much easier and better

You feel like you could do something amazing with your life but you just have no energy for it.

You keep it all together most of the time, but every once in a while you snap.

You feel resentful because you’re the one holding everything at home but your partner is free to come and go as he pleases

You feel like spending money on yourself is selfish and irresponsible because you’re a stay-at-home mom and don’t contribute financially

A personal note from Dorit…

I get it. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed the usual symptoms: tension, resentment, regret, fights, bitterness, and deep quiet sadness. 

Every mama I speak to has experienced a loss of energy and vitality after getting married and having kids.

Every woman wants her ’20 year old’ back. 

You may feel like you’ve lost a significant part of yourself and with each passing day, you’re worried it won’t come back.

You might be deep in body-hatred, yo-yo dieting, feeling fat and gross but in spite of obsessing about being thin, you keep binging and gaining weight like crazy.

It’s easy to get stuck in your daily mom-routine packed with lunches, dance classes, missing soccer cleats and fabric softener.

Eventually, you don’t even appear on your own list of priorities… 

Honestly, this is a recipe for feeling, empty, depressed, sucked-dry, turned-off, stuck and unmotivated.

You deserve better.

But that’s the stuff that most people don’t see.

But then there are the physical implications, too: weight gain, too many prescription pills, hormonal imbalances, thyroid conditions, and dishevelled hair (wait, is that just me?). 

I’m here to tell you that this is IMPORTANT.


And the good news?

This is simpler and easier to correct than you think. 

It’s time to stop ‘feeling lost’ and start feeling more like yourself again.

More like that confident 20-year-old you “used to be”… 

I’m about to teach you to work with your body the way it was designed so you know how to cultivate energy and how to sustain it over time.

You got this!