One-on-one work with Dorit – Health Begins With Mom Mastery Coaching

My work is to take a woman/wife/mother who feels confused, dry, disconnected, unhealthy, unjoyful and guide her through my transformative six months program into a strong, vibrant, alive, powerful, animated, focused, fun loving passionate woman who flirts with life, embodies her true potential and raises her family from that place.

Who am I and how can I help you?

Hey, I’m Dorit Palvanov. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mom of three girls and a female desire coach for women. 

Just like you, I am figuring “it” out Every. Single. Day.

Like you, I’m in the trenches daily and my wildest aspiration is to live a great life on my terms. 

I believe that we CAN live a happy, vibrant and joyful life as women, wives, and mothers without sacrificing ourselves, without burning ourselves out, without neglecting ourselves and without forgetting who we truly are. 

Our health is a direct reflection of our internal world. 
When there’s alignment you feel great. 
When there isn’t alignment you feel like crap. 

Tired, bloated, exhausted, anxious, burned out, depleted, resentful, uninspired, unmotivated, dry, unfocused, like a zombie. 

Sounds similar? 

Years ago, I have been all of those things and as a mom of three daughters, couldn’t live with the fact that I am leaving a legacy of self-neglect, sacrifice, burnout and stress for my girls. 

This had to change and I had to start with myself. 

This gave birth to Health Begins With Mom website and podcast which is where I explore the question of what does it take to thrive as a woman, wife, and mother. 

Like anything worthwhile, radical self-care also requires commitment, dedication, perseverance, and vision and I believe we, women and mothers deserve to feel good. 

Especially since we are mothers. 
We are raising the next generation.
They deserve to know what is possible. 
Enough with the struggle and suffering, we all deserve to thrive!

You were someone before you became a mom. 
I want you to bring her back! 
Your children need you to feel connected to her again.
They desperately need you to model confidence, strength, vibrancy, health, purpose, and joy. 
We have to stop expecting our children to be who we weren’t brave enough to be. 
You owe this to yourself and to your children. 
Your children need you to take care of yourself. 

This is my mission and legacy. This is my healing journey. I’m glad you’re here. 

Experience a transformation that lasts 

This program is divided into the four phases of creation (a brilliant concept I’ve learned from Kate Northrup). The basic idea is that everything in life has to go through these four phases in order to be birthed into the world. Each phase signifies a stage and takes into account your unique flow and progress. Since our main purpose is to help you heal, I will take you on a deep journey into yourself. You will learn more about who you are and your true potential as a woman.

  1. Fertile Void – Think about the energy of winter, where it seems like nothing is happening, but this is where you plant the seed for transformation. This is where we will work on your morning routine, values, core desired feelings, and essential practices that will nourish your body and soul. 
  2. Emergence – this phase has the energy of spring, where seeds are budding and once you’re set with your morning & grounding routine you’re ready for the next phase where we dive deeper into your female body. This is where you will learn how to eat, move and socialize in the world in alignment with your Feminine Current. You will learn how to understand your hormones, the wisdom of your menstrual cycle and embodiment.  
  3. Visibility – this phase has the energy of summer when things are in full bloom and you have the most energy to be and do in the world. This is when we are going to focus on emotional mastery, embodiment, healing the ‘mother wound’, how to raise fierce, strong and confident daughters, and enrolling your loved ones into your health mission. 
  4. Culmination – this phase has the energy of fall where we’ll be wrapping up and getting you ready to practice what you’ve learned on your own. By this phase, you will feel you know exactly how to take care of yourself, understand your body, ask for the right kind of help and use the tools and knowledge you have. No more “I don’t know how”, this is your time to step into the strong, fierce and embodied woman that you are! 

This coaching program is highly customizable for your specific needs and health condition. You don’t have to worry about steps as I will be the one pacing you, you do you and I will take care of everything else. Don’t worry, I’ve got you. 

Not sure if this program is for you? 

It is for you if: 

  • You are at the verge of a breakdown (mental, emotional or physical)
    • You sleep less than 5 hours a night and feel exhausted and burned out as a result
    • You wake up tired and can barely get out of bed
    • You so tired that you are afraid that you’ll get into a car accident as a result of falling asleep at the wheel
    • You struggle winding down at night and end up finding yourself scrolling through your phone until it’s midnight
    • You so busy that you end up eating junk food, processed food or your kids’ scraps or in worst cases, you forget to eat altogether
    • When at home are you constantly screaming, yelling at your husband and the kids but when outside you pretend like everything is great
    • You are moody, raging and angry all the time 
    • You are on anti-depressants and want to get off of them but afraid of side-effects
    • You eat emotionally. You know have a tendency to “eat your feelings”
    • You a nervous wreck/a bundle of nerves but you don’t know how to keep it under control
    • You wish to be a calm and peaceful mom/parent
    • You feel like you are not setting a good example for your child/ren. You don’t feel successful as a mom and you want to change that. 
  • You at a stage that your body is already manifesting physical symptoms
    • When you get blood work done, your vitals show you’re healthy but deep inside you know something is not right
    • You feel like your body is physically not able to keep up with your busy and rushed lifestyle. You can’t recognize yourself anymore, you used to have so much energy pre-kids! 
    • You have a weak immune system and you get sick a lot. You got sick a lot as a child. (Perhaps your adenoids and/or tonsils were removed in childhood?)
    • You have a thyroid condition which runs in your maternal line
    • You have digestive issues and sometimes you feel embarrassed in public (i.e. bloating, cramps, indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn)
    • You’ve put yourself on a diet since a young age and are obsessed with/about food
    • You want to live free from prescription pills
    • You have issues with your period (missed periods, heavy and painful flow, PMS symptoms, PCOS, etc)
    • You have a known or unknown hormonal imbalance (swollen feet, acne, period problems, inflammation due to the Depo-Provera shot, Post-pill symptoms)
    • You’ve had miscarriages
    • You’ve struggled with infertility 
    • You suffer from painful hemorrhoids 
    • You exercise regularly but still gain weight and struggle to keep it off
    • You have a low sex drive but you used to love sex!
    • You are a cancer survivor

What’s included?

  • Six Months of Bi-Weekly 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls with me (customized health coaching + embodiment work)
  • Daily access to me via email and Voxer for six months (with limited access on the Weekends) 
  • Unlimited access to members area with pre-recorded videos and training material
  • Recipes & How To’s 
  • Access to all group coaching programs I run while you’re enrolled in the Mastery. 
  • Unlimited access to my online programs:
    • From Processed to Whole Foods in 6 Weeks this six-week program is designed to transform your existing kitchen ingredients to healthier alternatives to help you create healthy wholesome meals for you and your family. 
    • The Yoga of Motherhood – I’ve partnered with my own yoga teacher and together we’ve created three sequences to help you practice yoga & embodiment work on your own. We will use these practices throughout our entire time together. The magic happens when you move your body the ‘female way’. 

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Cost of the program

A payment plan of $700USD for 6 months, or a full payment of $3,780USD

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