Intensive Coaching Session with Dorit

You need help but you know exactly what you need. 

It’s almost like missing a small but important piece of the puzzle so I’m happy to help you connect the dots and have a clearer view of that puzzle for you. 

An intensive coaching session is a 3-hour session where we dive deep into a specific topic you need help with, I’ve done intensive sessions on various topics like: 

  • The Feminine Current – how to eat, exercise and socialize like a woman
  • The Wisdom of Your Menstrual Cycle
  • Engage Your Feminine Energy and learn how to flirt with life.
  • Natural birth & motherhood – the beautiful and the ugly. You need to know the truth. No holding back. 
  • Embodiment work – cultivate more self-love, forgiveness, surrender and receptivity, trust, less control more freedom and more. 
  • Immunity Boosting – learn how to strengthen your immune system 
  • Enrolling Your Loved Ones Into Your Health Mission 

Need help with something you don’t see on that list? 
Don’t be shy, just ask me. 
As my business grows and evolves I learn new things and sometimes forget to update my website so don’t assume, just ask me if I can help you with whatever you need help with. 
Send me an email to or find me on Instagram @healthbeginswithmom 

Cost for the session: 

The 3-hour session (you can split it into two 90 minute sessions) – $450USD