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Dear mama,

Hi and welcome to Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama Inner circle! I’m glad you’re here and I hope that what I’ve written on this page will give you a bit of a taste for what it would be like to join the inner circle.

For me, the Inner Circle is the step-by-step rediscovering of yourself as a woman. It’s the exact steps I’ve taken to heal from burnout, feeling like I was drowning, not enjoying parenting, doing too much or overdoing, and feeling unsatisfied in my relationships.

Let’s be honest, you’ve been conditioned to sacrifice, feel guilty, be “nice”, ignore your intuition and the wisdom of your body. The result? Burnout, dissatisfaction and feeling like you’re drowning.

Motherhood is hard. It’s a challenging, ungrateful, nerve-wracking journey, but it’s also where you get the opportunity to invest in yourself, become more authentic, live with integrity and reevaluate what matters most to you.

How often do you go through hard stuff alone?

Lacking a village?

Feeling lonely, bored, stuck?

As a woman, you are wired for connection and community is as important to your overall health as food and water to your body.

Do you struggle with burnout, feeling rushed, unhappiness, negativity, anxiety, a health crisis, miscarriage/s, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, depression, worthiness, indecisiveness, overwhelm?

Do you struggle in your relationship/s (marriage/parenting)?

Are you taking care of your ageing parents alone and struggle to juggle between all your other responsibilities?

Do you see yourself as damaged and not worthy of recognition or friendship?

Do you wonder how to find your purpose—and how to carry it out in everyday life?

This is your invitation to be a part of a community of women who understand how you feel.

Inner Circle includes a set of practices, training videos, journal prompts, guided meditations, and group coaching based on my decade of experience working and coaching women, wives and mothers.

Let’s heal that burnout. 

It’s time to engage your feminine energy, to feel sexy and live in alignment with your soul.

No previous experience is necessary. Inner Circle is open to all women who are willing and ready to discover their whole self.

This is a great way to begin or continue your whole-self journey

Some women join Inner Circle as their first step into self-care (which I call self-respect), to learn how to understand and nourish themselves without compromising their parenting or relationships. Others are clients I’ve worked with in the past, who want to continue and deepen their self-care practice.

Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Going from self-care to self-respect
  • Understand your hormones
  • How to develop healthy eating habits
  • Feminine Current
  • Self-parenting
  • Conscious parenting
  • How to live with purpose
  • Sexuality and Sensuality
  • How to help your partner understand you more
  • Money Story
  • How to make friends as an adult woman
  • How you birth is how you live, love, work and parent
  • And many other topics

Inner Circle includes:

  • Monthly pieces of training/coaching calls (we meet on the first Tuesday of every month)
  • Worksheets, practices, guided meditations, journal prompts, etc.
  • A Community of like-minded women and moms who are healing from burnout 

A gift to yourself

My goal as the facilitator and leader of this Inner Circle is to make this knowledge, wisdom and education to be accessible for women all around the globe. I know how challenging it is to attend live groups and retreats every single month which is why I’m bringing all of this to your house. All you need is a computer or phone and a solid internet connection. That’s it!

I’ve taken care of everything else.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  1. Create time in your day to hear yourself think and connect with your soul.  Even if your kids won’t currently leave you alone or if you work around the clock.
  2. Learn to live in alignment with your Feminine Current, the wisdom of the Moon, Elements, Seasons and Menstrual cycle to get in the flow.
  3. Understand your female body better and know how to nourish your female brain, hormones, adrenals, thyroid and reproductive system.
  4. How to think for yourself and create a new reality for yourself without compromising your parenting or relationships.
  5. Have time and space for all parts of you. No more overworking and having scraps for your kids, or over mothering leaving you nothing for yourself and/or your relationship.
  6. Identify all the places in your life where you’re giving your power away and exactly how to create boundaries.
  7. Heal your relationship with your body and learn how to shift your daily habits to be confident, energized and sexy.
  8. Find how it is that you want to mother or care for others and no longer follow any rules or compare yourself without second-guessing or doubting yourself.
  9. Be your whole, feminine, wild self around your partner and get him to obsess about you like at the beginning of your relationship. Feel desired and accepted by him again (spoiler alert – you may even see them shift, change and grow as a result).
  10. Feel safe to express your sexuality and ask for what it is that you want and need in bed and how to understand your partner’s needs as well.
  11. Create a life that is full of joy, connection, abundance and flow where you no longer feel like you’re drowning, tired all the time, lacking time and energy for the things that fill you up and seeing life passing you by.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

I don’t offer refunds; however, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and you won’t be billed for the following month. Simply email our friendly support team at

What other women say about working with Dorit

Dussty, mom of 2
This work has changed my life
“Working with Dorit has changed how I think about my body, energy, time and womanhood in general. I no longer waste time on nonsense, I stopped feeling guilty for something I’ve done wrong because I now understand that none of this is my fault, I just didn’t understand how my body was designed and I didn’t know how to feed and nourish it in response. This work has changed my life and I now feel more connected to my kids, husband and myself than ever before!”
Angela, mom of 3
I finally feel confident to go to the beach with my husband and feel good in my body.
“I finally feel confident to go to the beach with my husband and feel good in my body. I have avoided booking a trip to The Dominican Republic for years because I felt shy and unsexy to be seen in a bathing suit, but now I am excited to go to The Dominican Republic and enjoy my life!”
Felicity, Mom of 1
Our bodies want to heal and Dorit’s program gave me the opportunity to see, learn and do just that.
I was scared about how uncomfortable I was doing the seemingly simplest of things, such as walking into a supermarket. It was such an energy leak for me to NOT choose something from my emotional eating backpack, for example, chocolate or soft drinks. Dorit taught me how to recognize that what my higher self wanted and what my current body (at the time) was telling me, were two completely different things. Our bodies want to heal and Dorit’s program gave me the opportunity to see, learn and do just that.
My entire vocabulary around how I used to talk to myself has completely shifted. She has helped me understand and fully embody who I am as a woman, wife, and mother. I am way more present for my daughter, in a way that I could only dream about a couple of years ago. The way I live my life and my awareness as a whole has completely shifted thanks to Dorit and her program.
Stephanie, mom of 2
I felt lighter, freer, and ready to take on my life in a whole new way.
Dorit led me through embodiment movement to release stuck energy, emotional inner work and unpacking some really personal and deep wounds. After we were done, I felt lighter, freer, and ready to take on my life in a whole new way.