171. My Speaker Slam Speech

Last week I finally (after two cancellations) shared my speech with the world on stage. This story is difficult for me to share but it’s my responsibility to share it. One day, my daughters will see it and understand that I’ve done it for them. Nothing else. This is my legacy. This is me passing …

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170. Motherhood Stripped

motherhood stripped erin joyce miller

Today on the show you’ll hear my conversation with a fellow mama and coach, Erin Miller. About Erin Joyce Miller Erin is an author, small business owner, personal development mentor and host of her podcast Same Boat Huddle. She’s married to her best friend, mama to two kids, and a dog owner. She’s a lover …

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169. Strong (Sexy) Woman, Strong Assets

women with money are sexier

Sex and money are two taboos we, women, rarely don’t talk about. As women, we often feel more comfortable disclosing our age or weight than to share how much money we’re making, how much money do we have in our bank account and what’s our credit score. The same goes true for sex. Women don’t …

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167. From Womanizer to Healer, an interview with Justine Francisco

from womanizer for a healer

Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Justine Francisco. About Justine Francisco Justine is the husband and father of a two-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl. He’s a speaker, internet marketing entrepreneur, daily meditator and certified meditation teacher. He currently helps high performing men with families save their marriage so they can still achieve massive financial success …

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166. My mom’s birthday gift

5 (surprising) lessons from 2020

In this episode, you’ll hear me talk about my birthday gift to my mom. We went to the Elemental Wellness Centre for a floatation tank experience. I talk about why I do this, how it works and what to expect when you try one for your own. If you’re healing from any type of burnout …

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