You Are In The Flow (even during quarantine) When…

Your BODY is in the flow (even during quarantine) when you:

❤️ Get up excited about the day ahead

❤️ Crave water first thing in the morning

❤️ Have a healthy bowel movement within 30 minutes of awakening

❤️ Your skin is glowing

❤️ Have loads of energy to play with your kids

❤️ Feel light and lean

❤️ Want to move your body daily

❤️ Feel calm, grounded, centred and connected to source energy

❤️ Nourish yourself with time in solitude

❤️ Know how to get your needs met while being attuned to the needs of others

❤️ Feel sexy and have a healthy libido

Your HOME is in the flow (even during quarantine) when:

💜 Mornings are calm, kids wake up with a smile and follow their routine

💜 Kids begin their homeschooling day with a healthy breakfast that supports their blood sugar

💜 Food is available only a few times a day instead of all day long!

💜 The kids are learning and using their thinking even if it’s not only through school work

💜 All family members are involved in maintaining the home, chores, and keeping it neat

💜 There’s a limit on news consumption and media

💜 You feel grateful for each other and want to spend time together and apart

💜 When your kids have a set bedtime routine

Your WORK is in the flow (even during quarantine) when you:

♥️ Love what you do

♥️ Feel of service to the greater good

♥️ Know how to advocate for yourself without feeling guilty for it

♥️ Are paid what you’re worth

♥️ Working from home feels easier and better than going to the office

♥️ You and your partner alternate between work and kids so you both get work done. There’s no friction about it but instead full understanding and support of each other

Want to learn how to create a sense of FLOW even during the quarantine?

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See you on the other side!