This is how I’ve lost my balance (and also how I found it)

When I was younger all I wanted was to be a mom.

I had that romantic image of rocking my child to sleep in my arms.

I genuinely thought this is what motherhood is going to be like.

All. The. Time.

I never considered asking ‘how really is it like?’

My pre-mom judged other mamas in the grocery stores because ‘my kids will never act like this’ (of course they did and still do).

I just KNEW I’m going to be an awesome mom.

And then, I became one.

And. It. Was. NOTHING. Like. I. Envisioned. It. To. Be.


Along with my baby came a heap of uncertainty, feelings of inadequacy, and chaos.

I thought that if I just managed to keep my baby fed, house tidy, dinner on the table, I’d feel successful.

Boy, was I wrong…

Yes, my house was clean.

Dinner was ready (mostly on time).

My babies were fed.

On the outside, my life seemed impeccable.

Inside, I was a mess.

I was resentful, bitter, angry and regretful.

I’ve lost control over my time, peace of mind, and sense of balance.

My mood was Up and then Down.

I didn’t feel stable emotionally.

Mentally I wasn’t there either.

I’ve chosen Netflix over connecting intimately with hubby night after night.

‘What is wrong with me?’

‘What happened to me?’

I often wondered…

Is this supposed to be that hard?

Can there be an easier way?

I come from a family of (mostly) women.

Turning to the women in my life and community wasn’t helpful because everyone struggled in silence.

‘It’s just a phase of life’

‘You’re not the only one having a hard time’

‘Put your big-girl pants on and keep going’

‘It’s supposed to be hard. Life is hard.”

Was what they told me.

But I refused to believe this to be true.

I refused to settle on the premise that God created women to suffer.

What if we just didn’t know better?

What if my mom didn’t know because her mom didn’t know?


A brand new way.

I didn’t pick up personal development books or started to follow another health dogma.

Instead, I went straight to God.

Show me.

Teach me.

Empower me.

And he/she said, ‘you need to get to know yourself. I’ve encoded a powerful tool in your body that will help you live a balanced life.’

Want to know what this tool is and how to use it to live balanced?

Head on over to and download my free audio training. It’s called Get To Know Yourself. Period (pun intended) and in it you’ll learn how to live balanced as a woman, wife and mother.

Stay balanced.

It’s possible, even during a global pandemic (and maybe now more than ever)