My Mom…

My mom 👩 ⠀

🎵 She taught me to sing Alla Pugachova songs as a 12 month old toddler. ⠀

📚 She read the Doctor-Ai-Bolit story to me hundreds of times (which is why I still know it by heart till this day!).

🐶 She held me close and explained lovingly why I couldn’t take my dog puppy on the airplane on our way to Israel (our 1st immigration), I was only 6 years old. ⠀

🇮🇱 She taught me how to safely put on a gas-mask to stay safe during the Gulf-war in 1991. ⠀

🧵 She handmade all of my Purim costumes. ⠀

👧🏻 Combed and braided my hair a million times. ⠀

🪒 Taught me how to shave my legs and underarm hair (man puberty was wild). ⠀

❤️ Bought me my first menstrual pads and taught me how to use them. ⠀

🧒 Was patient with me as I asserted my will and learned to find my voice as strong-willed teenager. ⠀

💔 She was there for every heartache as well as for every happy moment. ⠀

🇨🇦 When the 5 of us immigrated for the 2nd time (to Canada) she was scared and uncertain about what the future holds. She was 44 YO, didn’t know a word of English, left her parents and family behind. But since then had started a new career and built a thriving business. ⠀

💄 I loved watching her beautifying herself in front of the mirror for hours. She was (and still is) a makeup and styling queen, always put together, always impeccably gorgeous. ⠀

💃🏻 She taught me how to love my female body and be a queen to my king. ⠀

👨 She waited for me until 4am on the night I came from my first date with my, now husband, and celebrated with me that he was THE one. 🤰 She was there for the birth of all our girls. She’s the one I call when I need a break from them. ⠀

🥘 She cooks all the unhealthy things I don’t for my kids and helps me to give them a balanced childhood.

👩 This woman is everything I would always aspire to be. ⠀

She’s strong but soft at the same time. Wise, curious, compassionate, sensitive, empathetic, imaginative, creative, beautiful. ⠀

This is my mom who I love more than words.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

P.s. this is a picture of her as an 18-year-old young woman. She sewed that dress herself.