Hi, I’m Dorit

I support women who are ready to ditch the overwhelm and instead live happy, centred and sustained lives in a beautiful feminine way.

Grab a drink and let’s get cozy.

What is femininity?

The dictionary defines femininity as – qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women.

My definition is different.

I refer to femininity as a sacred power that has been lost in time. The same power that patriarchy doesn’t want us to know about.

The power all females carry inside of their hearts and bodies that lead them to intuit, Know, decipher and make choices that are in alignment with a healthy, happy, centered and sustained life.

Femininity isn’t weak, lazy, slow, lagging behind, unsuccessful, crazy or hysterical.

Feminine is strong, centered, grounded, sustaining, nurturing, trusting and intuitive.

Why Do Women Need To Own Their Femininity?

When women don’t own their feminine power, we succumb to other forces owning us.

Forces like:

Government: “Want to have kids? Sure go for it! (but we aren’t going to pay you mat leave)

Religion: “Mother is sacred in the eyes of God” (we don’t really care your sex life is over after motherhood)

Healthcare: “Periods are a curse, here, take this pill” (but we can’t do anything if you struggle with infertility, gain weight, get acne, hair in weird places or if you feel out of touch with your body)

Family: “Men and women should both work, care for children and share household responsibilities” (but it’s normal for the woman to take on 80% of household chores load, after all, women are built for that).

These mixed values leave women frazzled, confused, ungrounded, and doubtful. Worse than anything women lose the capacity to trust themselves and higher power.

Historically, women are infamous for exhibiting crazy, hysterical, dramatic behaviours precisely because of being disconnected from their own power.

Patriarchy would do anything to keep women powerless because a woman with power can be dangerous and destructive. Powerful women are known for disrupting the status quo, challenging societal systems, the family unit, marriage, gender, etc.

My goal is to help women reconnect with this power AND use it to better the world through the sacred work we do at home (with our kids, marriages, ourselves).

Who do you work with?

Women, wives and mothers who are… tired, exhausted, sucked-dry, burned out and overwhelmed.

Women who struggle to find balance between leading fulfilling careers and running seamless households.

Women who look for work-life balance.

Women who are ready to ditch the baton of overwhelm, sacrifice and burnout and instead ready to learn how to live a happy, centered and sustained life as a woman, wife and mother in a beautiful feminine way.

What does overwhelm look like?

  • Feeling selfish for wanting more
  • Having mom-guilt
  • Worrying about outgrowing your husband
  • Sacrificing yourself for others
  • Denying yourself of pleasure, joy and happiness
  • Feeling betrayed by your own body
  • Pretending you’re enjoying sex
  • Faking orgasms
  • Hating your body in the mirror
  • Feeling desperate for more connection and deeper intimacy
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Offering your body for sex because you feel obligated or dutiful.
  • Getting hurt when the husband calls you ‘grandma’ or a ‘nun’
  • Settling for less than you deserve
  • Comparing yourself to other women

Who Are You?

My name is Dorit Palvanov, a daughter, sister, wife and mama of three girls. 

I’m a femininity mentor, founder and voice of the weekly podcast for moms – Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama and the creator of CIRCLE – a gathering place for women, wives and mothers.

I come from a family of women and, like many women before me, believed femininity was a weakness.

Are You A Therapist?

I’m not a therapist.

I have a full time career as a content strategist and copywriter in a digital media company I own with my husband. I love my work.

Like many of my clients, I’ve learned early on that loving your work is rather challenging alongside raising good humans, nurturing a happy marriage and managing a household.

I felt torn, overwhelmed, burnout and even… angry.

The work I do with women inside of my membership CIRCLE was born out of my quest to finding a remedy to the overwhelm women are thrown into, often unknowingly.

Why Is Motherhood Empowering?

I was enthralled by the fantasy of family life (thanks patriarchy).

More than anything I wanted to get married and be a mom.

Motherhood had changed my life. 

My pre-kids life was wonderful (or so I thought). 
My nervous system was stable. 
I was in great shape.
I felt sexy, energized and confident. 
I was free.

Well, let’s start with the fact that I love my kids (I have to say this so you don’t judge me), but I was not prepared for The Hit

The hit to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

I felt stuck.

I was seduced to believe that this is how the life of a mom should look and feel like and for many years I sucked it up and kept going until it hit me

My life felt hard simply because I didn’t know how to make it easy.

There were too many moving parts:

  • Kids, their schools, schedules and activities
  • Marriage 
  • Intimacy
  • Work/career

My life was unsustainable

What does unsustainable feel like?

You are living unsustainably if you:

  • Are rushed and late all the time. 
  • Have zero time for yourself
  • Are apathetic, even about things you used to love
  • Neglecting your career, not enjoying the work you used to love
  • Want to avoid the kids, or fantasize about running away.
  • Yell (a lot)
  • Drown in logistics – laundry, cooking, cleaning, keeping everyone and everything in order was overwhelming. 
  • Don’t have the energy for connecting with hubby and watch your marriage slowly fade away
  • Feel low energetically, your health is declining (hormonal imbalances, hair loss, adult acne, weight gain, starvation/deprivation, body image issues, eating my feelings)  

In short, an unsustainable life feels H-A-R-D, and most women struggle in silence.

I was in a desperate search for a better and easier way to live. 

I craved more simplicity.
More ease.
More flow. 

I just knew there was a better, easier way for women to live, love, work, and play.

I knew it was possible and I was committed to figuring it out.

I started studying – Women’s Health, Divine femininity, Embodiment, The Yoga of Motherhood, Energy, Female Sensuality & Sexuality, Minimalism, Hormones, Cycle Syncing, and much more.

I’ve hired life coaches, business mentors, healers, naturopathic doctors, yoga therapists, embodiment and femininity coaches and more. 

I’ve attended live seminars, workshops and travelled across the country to see them live – Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Tony Robbins, Heather Chauvin, Caroline Dupont, Tracey Soghrati, Sarah Walton, Rachel Hollis, and others. 

What does your life look like today?

Today my life is very different. 

dorit palvanov

I no longer feel like I’m in survival mode. 
I have spaciousness and flow.
I feel supported, held and receptive. 

I feel alive and ‘juicy’ again. 
I don’t use my kids as an excuse anymore. 

I’ve learned to fill up my own cup first so I can show up my best for the work I love along with raising a family I’m proud of.

I want to work with you, what should I do next?

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