Hi, I’m Dorit

I work with women who want their confidence and energy back so they can do work they are passionate about.

Grab a drink and let’s get personal.

My name is Dorit Palvanov, a wife and mama of three girls. 

I’m a nutritionist, female-centric health coach, the founder and voice of the weekly podcast for moms – Confident, Energized and Sexy Mama and the creator of the revolutionary health and mindset program for women, wives and mothers – ‘WHOLE FEMALE‘.

If I could summarize my work in one sentence, it would say this:

I teach females how to be women.

I do this work because I’ve lived most of my life not understanding myself as a female.

First immigration

In 1991, at six-years-old, I’ve experienced my first trauma. I’d witnessed my parents lose their identities, life’s savings, friends, jobs, home, and the life they knew in Uzbekistan.

In spite of living in patriarchal communities, both my grandmothers had prestigious and influential jobs.

I thought I knew who I was

Turned out I was:

Moms who feel like life’s been ‘squeezed’ out of them through household chores, raising kids, obligations, logistics, work, and more than anything, lack of connection with their life partners.  

All the not-fun/soul-sucking/unsexy things you have to do to sustain this life of yours. 

Moms who are trying to figure out a way to be a mom AND a woman (together and separately).

Moms like Lori.

Lori is a 38-year-old wife and mama of two girls. 

She reached out to me because she was D-O-N-E:

  • Feeling selfish for wanting more for herself
  • Having mom-guilt
  • Being worried about outgrowing her husband
  • Sacrificing herself for others
  • Denying herself of pleasure, joy and life
  • Feeling betrayed by her own body
  • Pretending she’s enjoying sex
  • Faking orgasms
  • Hating her body in the mirror
  • Feeling desperate for more connection and deeper intimacy
  • Feeling she’s not good enough
  • Offering her body for sex because she felt obligated or dutiful.
  • Getting hurt when her husband called her ‘grandma’ or a ‘nun’
  • Settling for less than she deserves
  • Comparing herself to other women

In six months, she went from I-just-don’t-know-what-I-want to having the energy and desire for not only arranging mid-day quickies with her husband but also for running after the kids at the park, kicking-ass at work and enjoying her life again.

After working with me, Lori felt more confident, energized and sexy. 

She’s got her ‘juice’ back.

Who Am I?

About five years ago I was in Lori’s shoes – tired, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, emotionally unstable and lacking patience. 

Motherhood had changed my life. 
It’s like I have two lives. 
A pre-kids life, and, now a post-kids life.

My pre-kids life was wonderful (or so I thought). 
My nervous system was stable. 
I was in great shape.
I felt sexy, energized and confident. 
I was free.

Well, let’s start with the fact that I love my kids (I have to say this so you don’t judge me), but I was not prepared for The Hit

The hit to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

I felt stuck.

I was seduced to believe that this is how the life of a mom should look and feel like and for many years I sucked it up and kept going until it hit me

What if my life felt hard simply because I didn’t know how to make it easy?

My life was unsustainable

There were too many moving parts:

  • Kids, their schools, schedules and activities
  • Marriage 
  • Intimacy
  • Work/career

How did my unsustainable life feel like?

  • I felt rushed and late all the time. 
  • I had zero time for myself
  • I felt apathetic, even about things I used to love
  • Didn’t want to spend time with kids (avoided them, wanted them to go to school and then to go to bed asap)
  • I yelled (a lot!)
  • I was drowning in logistics – laundry, cooking, cleaning, keeping everyone and everything in order was overwhelming. 
  • Didn’t have any energy for my marriage
  • Declining health (hormonal imbalances, hair loss, adult acne, weight gain, starvation/deprivation, body image issues, eating my feelings)  

In short, an unsustainable life feels H-A-R-D, and most women struggle in silence.

I was in a desperate search for a better and easier way to live. 

I craved more simplicity.
More ease.
More flow. 

I just knew there was a better, easier way for women to live, love, work, and play. I knew it was possible and I was committed to figuring it out.

I started studying – Women’s Health, Divine femininity, Embodiment, The Yoga of Motherhood, Energy, Female Sensuality & Sexuality, Minimalism, Hormones, Cycle Syncing, and much more.

I’ve hired life coaches, business mentors, healers, naturopathic doctors, yoga therapists, embodiment and femininity coaches and more. 

I’ve attended live seminars, workshops and travelled across the country to see them live – Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Tony Robbins, Heather Chauvin, Caroline Dupont, Tracey Soghrati, Sarah Walton, Rachel Hollis, and others. 

Today my life is very different. 

dorit palvanov

I no longer feel like I’m in survival mode. 
I have spaciousness and flow.
I feel supported and receptive. 

I feel alive and ‘juicy’ again. 
I don’t use my kids as an excuse anymore. 

More than anything, I’ve got my confidence, energy and sexy back.

Are you ready for your positive change? 

Been dreaming of your fresh start?

Have you been aching to do something just for you? 

Do you want that libido back? 

Do you want to get ‘unstuck’ and move on with your life?

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